The Soundtrack To Now: Kim Wilde, “Pop Don’t Stop”

From now, instead of a weekly roundup of New Killer Tunes, I will feature longer musings on new and fab tunes as and when they spring into view. To start off, this wonderful, resoundingly tuneful ode to the true meaning of life, which is of course: pop music.

Pop music truly is the music for all ages. I discovered this when I was approaching 30, and still trying to find the next gang of scruffily pretty indie reprobates to sell my soul to. I would turn on the radio in, for example, 2002, and listen to the new tunes, and I would think, hang on, what are they playing at? This sounds just like what Ride were doing in 1992. Or Nirvana in 1991. Where were the new sounds, the exciting new ideas? And then it hit me: these new bands weren’t for me any more. They weren’t making music for people of my age – they were making music for people 10 years younger than me, who had been too young in the 90s to pay attention to bands. And that stung. I felt I’d been chucked out of a world that had been my home for as long as I’d been me.

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All the gigs of my life: Gig 4 – Take That, Wednesday, October 04, 1995, Perth Entertainment Centre

There is a kind of narrative that the journey of a music fan starts with generic chart pop and gradually develops towards Proper Music like rock and indie. There are a lot of problems with the narrative, in particular its inherent sexism – it’s no coincidence that Proper Music generally means ‘music made by and largely listened to by men’. As such, I take a little bit of pride in the fact that I took an uncharted turn on this journey and, less than a year after the Manic Street Preachers became my favourite band, they were joined at the top spot by Take That.

My ticket, with the originally scheduled date.

Oh – and apologies in advance for illegal overuse of exclamation marks in this post – but what can you do when it’s TAKE THAT!!!!!

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