Moving, just keep moving…

There’s so much I should be blogging about right now. The amazing gig from the Manics and the Anchoress at the Royal Festival Hall last Tuesday! The next instalment of All The Gigs Of My Life – Pet Shop Boys at the Savoy in June 1997! Today’s questionable decision to include video streams in the official charts! But all this will have to wait, as I’m preparing for my first home move in 11 and a half years this coming weekend, and I am knee deep in chaos. Normal service will be resumed in July, assuming I can figure out what normal service is. Til then, here’s my favourite song about moving.

Paul Draper at Rough Trade East, Tuesday, 12th of June 2018

I’ve been away from the gigging life for a few months due to ill health, but last night, I was BACK! It may have been a half hour acoustic set in a cramped and stuffy record store, but it was still a gig, and much more importantly, it was a gig by the amazing Paul Draper.

I was too far back, so all my pics for this are a bit like impressionist paintings. Sorry.

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