New video: June favourites!

Hello there! Do you want to watch me rambling on about music and telly whilst being distracted by birds flying past my window? Of course you do!

I love watching other people’s favourites videos. I watch a lot of booktube and I really enjoy seeing what music the bookish people are into (even if it frequently turns out to be George Ezra). I had intended to make this a more eclectic list of things but me being me I rambled on so long about music that I didn’t have time to fit much more in without the video being an hour long!

I’m hoping to get right back into the blogging swing this month and try to be a bit more regular with YouTube vids as well – which, given my track record this year, would mean uploading Any Vids At All, basically. But I love the format and have lots of ideas for fun things that would make more sense to talk about in a chatty video than a blog post. So please do stay tuned to the magical world of Gigs, Etc (which I’m pretty sure is the name I’m going to stick with – but don’t quote me on that…)

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