Blogging through the storm

This is a very different April 1st from the one I’d expected to be waking up to even a couple of weeks ago. Since the beginning of the year, I’d had a Big Plan in place: Spring 2020 was going to be all about my writing. I’d booked a three month break from my job, and from today I would have been a full time writer, inundating the blog with new posts, preparing a book draft, and reviewing all the amazing gigs I had lined up to attend.

Instead, today I woke up to officially start a new job, supporting users of NHS data. Some of this will likely involve supporting those who collect and record Coronavirus cases, and I’m glad that, from the safety of my South London flat, I can still play my tiny little part in getting the NHS through this crisis.

I’m a little sad, of course, that my glorious plans for the next few months have vanished. But I’ve worked for the NHS since 1997, and I can’t turn my back on it now at its time of greatest challenge. Music may mean everything to me, but right now, the NHS means more. And I’m vastly luckier than many millions of people at this time, who are facing an uncertain future without steady income.

My blogging has become sporadic over the past few months, due to a busy work schedule and chronic health issues flaring up – both of which will very likely continue. So I can’t make any promises for how active this blog will be in the months to come, but whenever I have a blog post ready, I will publish it, and hope that what I write may provide a little distraction from the uncertainty and anxiety we all face at the moment.

In the mean time – and I apologise for much of a platitude this has become – please stay safe. Listen to your favourite songs. Put on your favourite concert DVDs and mosh in your living room. Take part in Tim Burgess’s album listening parties on Twitter. Support the bands you love if you can, by buying their records or merch. And look after yourselves and each other.

And just remember, we’ll get through this. And whenever it happens, that first post-lockdown gig is going to be AMAZING.

I’ll see you there.

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