One year of Scruffy Storms!

One year ago today, I made my first post on this blog. Starting a music blog had been a new year’s resolution of mine for an embarrassing number of years, but in 2018, I actually did it! I’ve built up a small but lovely readership which I hope will stick with me and grow in 2019. Lots more excitable ramblings about gigs to come!

And what was that first post? My Spotify 2017 Wrapped graphic! So, to make it a tradition, here is my summary for 2018. Yes, I listen to a LOT of Mansun.


A massive thanks to everyone who’s visited my blog over the year, and chatted with me in social media land. Here’s to more Scruffy adventures in 2019!

Bank Holiday Kylie

Happy 50th birthday to this incredible icon.

Kylie’s music has been a part of my life since I became a music fan in the late 80s. I must confess that at the time, I didn’t quite appreciate her wonderfulness. It pains me to admit that I was a massive music snob back then, but my excuse is I was 14 and didn’t know any better. But I grew out of that, thankfully, and by the time “Confide In Me” came out, I was an avid fan.

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A short rant about gig ID policies

UPDATE! As of 18th July 2018, Suede are now allowing resell of tickets through Twickets. This is brilliant news for me and for other fans who for whatever reason may not be able to make a gig when the day comes, no matter how much we want to go. I think it’s a little shameful that it took more than two months after the tickets went on sale for them to make this announcement, but it’s a huge step in the right direction. However, I won’t edit the rest of the post, as my attitude towards gig ID policies still stands. Original post from May 2018 after the cut.


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The Soundtrack To Now: Rae Morris, “Someone Out There”


In this world of bland, unchallenging chart pop, where a small pool of blankly pretty boys and girls mumble a few words over each others’ tracks to the same sanitised, autotuned backing, we need pop stars like Rae Morris. Pop stars who sing lyrics like “I don’t want no ice, I’m already cold enough” and “have they found a cure for me yet?” in a voice of liquid crystal, and who release such outrageously, inventively compelling and tuneful albums as “Someone Out There”.

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The Soundtrack To Now: Kim Wilde, “Pop Don’t Stop”

From now, instead of a weekly roundup of New Killer Tunes, I will feature longer musings on new and fab tunes as and when they spring into view. To start off, this wonderful, resoundingly tuneful ode to the true meaning of life, which is of course: pop music.

Pop music truly is the music for all ages. I discovered this when I was approaching 30, and still trying to find the next gang of scruffily pretty indie reprobates to sell my soul to. I would turn on the radio in, for example, 2002, and listen to the new tunes, and I would think, hang on, what are they playing at? This sounds just like what Ride were doing in 1992. Or Nirvana in 1991. Where were the new sounds, the exciting new ideas? And then it hit me: these new bands weren’t for me any more. They weren’t making music for people of my age – they were making music for people 10 years younger than me, who had been too young in the 90s to pay attention to bands. And that stung. I felt I’d been chucked out of a world that had been my home for as long as I’d been me.

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