About Scruffy Storms

Greetings, wayward internet voyager.

This is a blog dedicated to telling the story of my life as a music fan. With the help of diaries dating back to 1989, I want to share the joy and meaning that my favourite songs and albums have brought to me over the years, and my sheer, unadulterated passion for live music.

Here are some of the things you can read here!

All the gigs of my life: The complete history of my gigging life from 1993 to the present day. More recent gigs that I’ve reviewed can be found under Latest gigs.

All the songs of my life: A new series going over the songs that have had an impact on me, and shaped my life both as a music fan and as a person more generally.

All the albums of my life: An even newer series which is the same as above, expect for albums.

Song for the day and Album for the day will comprise posts about songs and albums that may not have changed my life quite so much, but still have significance for me (or are just fun to listen to!) They may be new releases, date back to the dawn or time, or anything in between. Currently, this is mainly where you can find my previous single and album reviews from the times I tried to become a music reviewer.

Rants, stories or musings about music can be found in Other Music Writing.

Pease dive in and enjoy, and I’d love it if you got in touch!

Who is Scruffy?

Scruffy is my nom de blog. I’m a slightly ancient Londoner also known as Susanna or occasionally Dr Gryffindor. I am mostly obsessed with music, but Doctor Who, Shakespeare and Harry Potter have also been known to rank amongst my obsessions. I’ve written a PhD thesis about the experience of music for hearing impaired people, as well as several hundred songs which no one has ever heard. I live in South London where I share my home with thirty years’ worth of diaries and a Mark Owen doll.

Please direct all correspondence below!