Blogging through the storm

This is a very different April 1st from the one I’d expected to be waking up to even a couple of weeks ago. Since the beginning of the year, I’d had a Big Plan in place: Spring 2020 was going to be all about my writing. I’d booked […]

We’re moving, so moving…

I’m going to take a little blogging break this month while I prepare for a home move. Faithful viewers will remember that I did the same thing not so long ago: the fact is, my new flat hasn’t worked out for me, and I’m planning to move back […]

Moving, just keep moving…

There’s so much I should be blogging about right now. The amazing gig from the Manics and the Anchoress at the Royal Festival Hall last Tuesday! The next instalment of All The Gigs Of My Life – Pet Shop Boys at the Savoy in June 1997! Today’s questionable […]

Bank Holiday Kylie

Happy 50th birthday to this incredible icon. Kylie’s music has been a part of my life since I became a music fan in the late 80s. I must confess that at the time, I didn’t quite appreciate her wonderfulness. It pains me to admit that I was a massive music […]

A short rant about gig ID policies

UPDATE! As of 18th July 2018, Suede are now allowing resell of tickets through Twickets. This is brilliant news for me and for other fans who for whatever reason may not be able to make a gig when the day comes, no matter how much we want to […]