All the gigs of my life: Gig 51 – Mansun, Saturday, November 4, 2000, Shepherd’s Bush Empire

My second-last Mansun gig was a pretty important one for me: I went into it not sure if I was going to stay in London or return to Australia, and I came out of it with my mind made up. Mansun may have once sung that “all my big decisions always ruin my life”, but in this case, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

(Yes, I drew stars around the ticket. And the whole seven-page diary entry. It was that sort of a gig.)
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All the gigs of my life: Gig 45 – Mansun, Sunday, August 29, 1999, Richfield Avenue, Reading (Reading Festival)

“So how does this affect me?! Emotionally affect me!!?! Too damn right it does.”

The seventh of my ten Mansun gigs, and the zenith of my hyperventilating obsession. This post contains inordinate quantities of excitable capitals and exclamation marks. You have been warned.

I don’t have a ticket stub or programme, so here’s my train ticket!
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All the gigs of my life: Gig 15 – Manic Street Preachers / Mansun, Saturday, May 24, 1997, Nynex Arena, Manchester

Exactly 21 years ago today, I went to my very first gig at the Manchester Arena. It was a truly monumental night, with my two favourite bands in the world on the same bill: Manic Street Preachers and Mansun.

They took away our tickets as we entered the arena, and gave us a random one back upon leaving. So this was not the actual ticket that had sat in my drawer for weeks. I would certainly not have let it get so crumpled.

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