Song for the day

Songs for the day: New killer tunes 20/01/18

In which I blather on a bit about some fab songs around right now. This week: Kylie Minogue, LA Salami, Friendly Fires, Hollie Cook, Rae Morris and Robbie Williams.

Kylie Minogue, “Dancing”

A new single heralding a new era of Kylie is an undying thrill, and while the whispers of country and the sight of an acoustic guitar in frightening proximity to the pop goddess may be a tad worrying, rest assured the glitter is still turned up to 11. This song is short and simple, but perhaps that’s the best approach when you’re essentially singing about death. And with a song so catchy it won’t be long til you find yourself raising your voice for the 287th time to sing “when I go out I wanna go out DANCING ah ah ah ah!” Which is a pretty good plan, all things considered.

LA Salami, “Generation L(ost)”

Doesn’t every generation feel a bit lost, when you are in it? This is a tune that calls to mind indie sounds of decades gone by, a bit of the 80s, a bit of the 90s, and bit of the 00s. But maybe it only sounds that way to me because those were the days I was young and aimless in the way this song describes. Yet there is joy to this song, a tinkle and a verve that suggests it’s not all that bad to be young today. Which I hope is true.

Friendly Fires, “Jump In The Pool”

Friendly Fires appears to comprise handful of serious young blokes looking decidedly uncomfortable with this whole pop star lark, which is certainly a solid blueprint for a pop group (see: Pet Shop Boys). The lush expanse of frenzied drums, urgent guitars and dreamy whispered vocals is another winning formula (see: every shoegazing band ever). However, the descent into a brief random samba party at the end is certainly novel.

Hollie Cook, “Stay Alive”

This song accosted me early on Monday morning while I was listening to the 6 music breakfast show, and before it had even finished I had followed Hollie on every possible platform before commencing listening through her entire back catalogue. Suffice to say, I’ve found a new fave. This is a melancholy, dreamy reggae tune full of breathless harmonies and a truly gorgeous soaring chorus. Bonus points must also be given to Hollie for depicting herself as a mermaid riding a seahorse while an octopus plays the bongoes to a startled crab: such is the stuff from which timeless popstars are woven.

Rae Morris, “Lower The Tone”

The song starts with delicate, mutilayered vocals singing a tune alternately fragile and urgent, before a yearning synth line kicks in and slowly intensifying rhythm build into something truly wonderful. It really needs to be heard, not described. All I can say is, Rae’s upcoming album is set to be pretty amazing, and I can’t wait to hear it.

Robbie Williams, “9 to 5”

Starting and ending this roundup with country tinged tunes, here is something I never realised how much I needed in my life: Robbie Williams singing the Dolly Parton classic “9 to 5”. It is everything you would expect from Robbie singing Dolly, that is to say, a complete and utter joy. Also, I want to work in this office where Robbie turns up randomly in the lift.

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