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Two years of Scruffy Storms!

It’s exactly two years today since I made my first post on this blog! 2019 has been a roller-coaster year in the world of Scruffy Storms. I changed the name of the blog at least three times before finally deciding to stick with Scruffy. I had a few extended breaks from posting due to moving home and surprise surgical procedures. And I very nearly gave up on the blog altogether in the autumn, as I just felt as though I wasn’t finding my audience or growing as a writer.

And then, some surprising things happened. I was asked to contribute to a forthcoming book about Mansun! Then I was asked to talk about the Manics for an upcoming documentary about the Millennium on the BBC! And these opportunities came about only because I’d taken the time to write about the bands that I love on this blog. So instead of giving up on it, I’m celebrating two years of Scruffy Storms with a determination to develop my blog as much as possible, and try to find as wide an audience as I can for my writing. My mission to make this blog my full time job rather than my hobby starts here!

And, as it’s Scruffy’s birthday, here is my traditional post for the day: my Spotify Wrapped stats for the year – and this time the decade as well!

This year I mostly listened to the Manics and Take That. But for the decade, it was all about Mansun, just as it was last year. I do listen to current music as well, I promise! In fact, I feel that a new golden age of pop music could be upon us for the 2020s, and I want to be there, chronicling it all. So expect a lot more stuff about New Music to come on Scruffy Storms, along my usual exclamation-mark drenched posts about gigs of old!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s read my blog, followed me on social media, commented or liked my posts. There’s so much more to come for Scruffy Storms and I hope you’ll join me for the ride. The world may be in a bizarre and perplexing state, but nothing can bring us together more than music. And when it comes to gigs, the musicverse and everything, I think the 20s are going to be incredible.

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