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Song for the day 04/01/20: Pet Shop Boys, “Monkey Business”

Striding into the new decade in reflective shades and a shiny disco suit, here is a shouty new tune from the Pet Shop Boys.

Disco strings, vocoder refrains, and Neil yelling about having a party: this is a much more upbeat experience than the two singles so far released from the Pet Shop Boys’ upcoming 14th album “Hotspot”. The first, “Dreamland”, may have had a deceptively euphoric chorus, but its lyrical themes of wishing to escape into a mythical free place that only exists in dreams veered towards the dark side. And the gorgeously guitar-drenched “Burning the heather” was full of resignation and a sombre sense of solitude.

“Monkey Business”, meanwhile, comes boogieing in with no intentions other than getting sloshed and hitting the nearest decadent dancefloor in 1985. It’s like the laid back cousin of “A Man Could Get Arrested”, the strident b-side to their very first hit “West End Girls”. But instead of a night out ending in breaking glass and arrests for breach of peace as in that early song, stepping into the world of “Monkey Business” means the worst that can happen is making a fool of yourself on the dancefloor and very probably an epic hangover. It’s unlikely to go down as a PSB classic, but it’s nevertheless a delightfully cheerful start to the decade for the Boys, and makes me ever more intrigued for what the album to come may hold.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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    • That’s very disciplined – I’m not very good at holding back on listening to new music, I always want to hear things as soon as I can!

      Interesting thoughts on Give Stupidity a Chance. I didn’t mind it too much but yes, On Social Media was much better.


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