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Song for the day 21/06/21: Oasis, “Morning Glory”

It’s Monday morning, and we need a little time to wake up.

CD singles! Don’t you miss them? The joy of finding the exact song that had grabbed your heart when you heard it on the radio is somewhat dimmed these days when everything is on demand 24 hours a day. In September 1995, I went on a CD single shopping spree, and one of those singles was this electrifying new tune from Oasis. From my diary:

‘I couldn’t resist buying the new (Australian) Oasis single which is neither “Some Might Say” nor “Roll With It” but a tune far better than either of those called “Morning Glory”. Helicopters! Guitars that sound like the Earth revving up as it speeds into the sun! A tune that sounds like God’s opened up the sky to peer through and find out what the hell’s going on! And the utterly fabulous opening line “All your dreams are made when you’re chained to the mirror and the razor blade” .

In 1995, the One Big Question among indie music fans was “Are you Oasis or Blur”? I had been leaning towards Blur earlier in the year, but it’s safe to say that this song, along with “Cast No Shadow” which I’d heard on the radio a few weeks earlier, made me fully swing the other way.

‘My God! Two Oasis songs with good lyrics now! The world truly is twisting on its axis. I shouldn’t have bought the single of course, as I’m going to buy the album in a few weeks, but you get a live version of “Live Forever” so I couldn’t say no, could I? And I’ve been in a bit of an Oasis mood since hearing “Cast No Shadow”. Without a doubt they are officially Better Than Blur again now.

My affections for both these bands would flicker fickly from one to the other for many years to come, but the glory of it being a quarter of a century later is you no longer have to choose. And on this grey Monday morning in 2021, with the incendiary drive and spiky guitars of “Morning Glory” piercing the gloom and reminding us that there is a better world if only we could wake up to it, it remains as thrilling as it was that September day in 1995.

All my Oasis-related posts are compiled at the link below. Much more to come!

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